3 Semester Schedule for Shormann Algebra 1 & 2

Instead of planning out the course over three semesters, let the student work at their own pace using the Timed Method. If you take a summer break, repeat the last 10 Practice Sets to provide a quick review and build up fluency before learning new concepts.

List the credits on the transcript for the year the course is completed. If she starts Algebra 1 in 8th grade and finishes it in 9th grade. Then starts Algebra 2 and finishes it in 10th grade. You would list 1 Algebra 1 credit and 1/2 Geometry credit for 9th Grade and 1 Algebra 2 credit and 1/2 Geometry credit for 10th grade. Assign the course grade for both credits. If she earns an A in Algebra 1 assign an A for the Geometry. Learn More:High School Transcripts