Earth Science: What do you teach about Earth Age & Natural History?

Starting in DIVE Earth Science (7/8th grade), we discuss Earth's Age, but we teach that there is a difference in scientific research and natural history research. Theories like the Big Bang and evolution from nothing are in the category of natural history research, not scientific research. Another goal of DIVE Earth Science is not to support current consensus views, but to teach students how to search for truth. We have much to learn about our past and present, and DIVE Earth Science aims to provide a solid education for the next generation of explorers!

Regarding natural history, Dr. Shormann is biased towards a biblical, and therefore “young earth” interpretation, which we also trust and believe because we trust the Bible as truth, including the history. However, we do not require students to believe it.

While creation is taught from a Biblical foundation, Dr. Shormann does not teach it as a religious debate, but rather as using Christianity (not religion, but a relationship with Christ) as the foundation for scientific research vs. natural history research. Our primary goal is not on settling debates about history (origins). Our primary goal is to help students know God better by using scientific methods to explore and learn about what He made. Learn More

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