Singapore New Math D 2: Switch to Shormann Math?

Singapore NEM Syllabus D 2 is roughly equivalent to Algebra 1. Since your student is only halfway through, he is not ready for Shormann Algebra 2. Dr. Shormann recommends either taking Shormann Algebra 1 or complete Singapore D2 then start Shormann Algebra 2. Don't worry, if he takes Shormann Algebra 1, he will not be bored. Singapore is missing quite a few topics that Shormann Algebra 1 teaches.

  1. Proof. Doesn't look like they cover proof very much.
  2. Logic: Things like syllogisms, converse/inverse/contrapositive
  3. Computer Math: sequences, series, sums
  4. Measurement: converting from one unit to another
  5. Calculus: fundamentals of limits, derivatives and integrals
  6. Functions: Singapore has a section titled Graphs I, which should also
    cover functions, but it doesn't appear to.
  7. Math history: Singapore has something called "Mathstory," which from my experience is more Muslim/Greek focused and even then is not so thorough.

Shormann Math has a much more well-rounded, integrated, and Christ-centered interpretation of math history. History matters!

FAQ: Can I skip some of the lessons taught in my previous Algebra 1 course?

While there may be some review, Shormann Algebra 1 teaches many concepts not taught in most Algebra 1 courses like 1/2 credit of geometry, computer math, calculus basics, technology applications (ie: Geometer's Sketchpad, Graphing Calculator spreadsheets, etc), and Algebra 1 level PSAT, SAT, and ACT concepts as well as CLEP College Math and CLEP College Algebra.. Therefore we recommend students start with Lesson 1 and do not skip any lessons. However, re-taking Algebra 1 using Shormann Math will take the same amount of time, or less, than if you continued with your current course's sequence of Geometry and Algebra 2. Also, Shormann only has 100 lessons and many tools, like video solutions and email support, that make learning faster and easier!

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