COVID-19: DIVE for Saxon Math for schools

Dive Into Math is concerned about our current situation as many schools are being forced to close because of COVID 19. Our company has developed a low cost subscription which can be bought  to complete the school year.

We are offering a 3 month license to our DIVE Video lectures that teach every lesson in the corresponding Saxon textbook for $10 per student..

This license provides a login to our Google Classroom for each student to access all lectures in the course which ensures students can view all the lectures for the remaining lessons and allows them to go back and re-learn forgotten concepts from previous lessons.

How to Use DIVE In a Closed School

  • For detailed instruction on how DIVE courses work, watch the Getting Started video linked on the Teacher Guide.
  • Students login to their DIVE Classroom account and watch the DIVE lesson individually so they can learn at their own pace. DIVE lessons should not be broadcast to a group.
  • When doing their daily homework, if the student has forgotten how to do a problem, they simply watch the DIVE lecture for the lesson # listed in parenthesis next to the problem.
  • Upon completion, students email their lecture notes and homework to the teacher for grading.  We recommend using TurboScan or similar app to scan all pages into one document.
  • The teacher replies with a list of  missed problems.
  • Students correct their missed problems and submit corrections to the teacher.
  • Teachers should be available for questions daily via email and a  weekly or bi-weekly live online class is recommended to administer the weekly test.

If you have any questions on how to use DIVE in your school, please schedule a phone appointment here: Math Consulting Appointments

Placement Tests
To access placement tests and information, see Student Placement & Placement Tests

Sample Course
A sample course, that includes everything needed to complete the first ten lessons of each course, is available here: Sample DIVE Math Courses

How to Purchase Site Licenses

  • We accept payment by check, credit card, and PayPal.
  • To place an order, send the following information to
    • School Name, Billing Address, & Phone #
    • Contact’s Name, Email, & Phone #
    • Type of School (private, public, or charter)
    • Course Title(s)
    • # of Student Licenses per title
    • List of Student Names, Email Addresses, and course title
  • An invoice with a payment link will be emailed to the school contact.
  • Once payment is received, a list of login credentials will be emailed. PLEASE ALLOW 1 BUSINESS DAY FOR ACCOUNT SETUP
May 19, 2023

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