Can schools buy DIVE Video Lectures for Saxon Math?

To use DIVE Math in a school, you need to purchase a site license for each user who will view the content.

If you have any questions about the information below, please call us at 936-372-9216 and ask to speak with a math consultant.

Site Licenses for Schools

  • Minimum Purchase: 5 Site Licenses
  • Price: $15 per user for 12 month access to lectures. Users can access the content from any computer or device, at home, school, etc.

How to Purchase Site Licenses
Send the following information to Upon receipt, we will send an invoice with a payment link. While public schools can use a PO, private and charter schools pay at purchase. We accept payment by check, credit card, and PayPal.

  • School Name and Contact Info
  • Type of School,
  • Course Title(s)
  • Number of Site Licenses Per Course

Placement Tests
To access placement tests and information, see Placement for Math

Teacher's Guide
With detailed instructions and scope & sequence, the Teacher's Guide for each course is posted on our website here: Teacher Guides for DIVE/Saxon Math

Sample Course
A sample course with the first 10 lectures of each course is available here: Samples- Try it before you buy it!