Do you have DIVE video lessons for the first edition of Saxon 6/5?

I'm sorry but we do not have a DIVE course for the first edition of Saxon 6/5. Dr. Shormann does not recommend using that edition because it does not have the lesson reference number next to each question to quickly re-learn the concept nor does it have a solutions manual that with step-by-step solutions for every question. This makes it very difficult to use.  Instead, we recommend using DIVE Video Lectures For Saxon 6/5, 3rd Edition Download & Stream and the Saxon Homeschool Kit for Saxon 6/5, 3rd Edition

The Saxon Homeschool Kit, includes the Student Textbook, Tests & Worksheets booklet, and Solutions Manual. The students use these books to complete daily homework, drills, and tests.

**Free: DIVE Teacher Guide**
For detailed instructions on how to use DIVE with Saxon Math, a weekly assignment chart, and a grade recording form, see the DIVE Teacher Guide for Saxon 6/5, 3rd Edition.

**Try It Before You Buy It!**
Our DIVE sample courses have everything you need to complete the first 10 lessons, including the Saxon homework, drills, and test pages. Try It: Sample Lessons


**CD vs Download & Stream: What's the difference?**
DIVE video lectures are available in two formats: CD-ROM and Download & Stream.  Both formats have the same basic content. However, the Download & Stream has updated graphics and can be played on just about any computer, device, and Smart TV for use by all the children in your household.  Best of all, there is no CD to lose or damage. Learn More: DIVE For Saxon 6/5, 3rd Edition Download & Stream

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