Do you recommend Saxon Algebra ½?

While Algebra ½ is a pre-algebra course, it does not develop fluency in the fraction, decimal, percent, ratio, and conversion skills that cause most students to struggle in Algebra 1. Dr. Shormann recommends his new Shormann Pre-Algebra Self-Paced eCourse. Based on John Saxon's original teaching methods, this course is hosted in a state-of-the art eLearning platform that makes learning faster and easier! Featuring daily video lessons, interactive assignments with auto-grading and grade-recording, as well as video solutions and Q&A support with Dr. Shormann, it teaches all the pre-algebra concepts and develops fluency in the fraction, decimal, percent, and conversion skills that make learning Algebra 1 easier!

If you can't take Shormann Pre-Algebra, take Math 8/7 (2nd or 3rd edition), which includes pre-algebra as well as the essential fraction, decimal, percent skills.

If you choose to complete Algebra ½ after 8/7, the student should continue doing the Facts Practice drills from Math 8/7 to develop and maintain fluency in these essential skills.

What should I take after Saxon Math 8/7?

My student did not successfully complete Math 8/7. Should he/she take Algebra ½ next?

What’s the difference between Math 8/7 and Algebra ½?

Mar 2, 2023

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