How Does DIVE make Saxon Math faster and easier to learn?

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Shormann has taught Saxon Math to hundreds of thousands of students, developing a system for using Saxon Math efficiently while ensuring mastery and fluency. Following are a few highlights of the system.

  • DIVE video lectures provide expert video instruction for every lesson, including instruction found not found in the Saxon textbook, that makes understanding the lesson faster and easier.

  • Odd or Even + 5 homework schedule reduces the number of homework problems required per lesson. Weekly test scores are used to ensure this modified schedule provides enough practice.

  • The timed method, which allows Saxon to be used as a self-paced course providing the extra time required, as needed, to re-learn or grasp a concept without overwhelming or frustrating the student.

  • Detailed steps for re-learning and correcting daily homework and tests that ensure mastery and fluency are developed.

  • Q&A Email support with Dr. Shormann provides deeper instruction when needed to quickly get students back on track.

The DIVE Teacher Guide had detailed information on how this system works.

DIVE Teacher Guide for Math 8/7, 3rd Ed Teacher Guide.

DIVE lectures are available on CD-ROM. However, our new Download and Stream format, which plays on multiple computers and devices is recommended. I posted some articles below with more information.

Math Student Placement Chart

Teacher Guides DIVE Math

DIVE Download & Stream Format vs CD

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