Can my student skip or go faster through the review lessons in Saxon Math?

The first 30 lessons ​of each Saxon text are​ review of ​all the required skills needed to successfully complete the course.​ This review is important for developing the fluency​ (speed and accuracy), required to apply and build on these skills in future lessons. ​Be very careful about skipping or speeding through these lessons.

To ensure fluency without completing all 30 lessons, administer Test 1 with a one hour time limit. Use the instructions for grading in the DIVE syllabus which is posted on our website under Support. If an 80 or higher is earned, correct missed problems by watching the corresponding DIVE lecture (take notes and work example problems) and do the Practice problems in the Saxon textbook for that lesson.

As long as ​the test grades are ​80 or higher, continue this process through Test 6. Then follow the syllabus normally​.​ If ​the test score drops below​ 80, stop this process and start the course normally, beginning with the corresponding lesson number for that test. The DIVE syllabus indicates which lessons are covered on each test.

The DIVE Teacher Guides & Syllabi are posted under Support in the upper right corner of the website.

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