Why DIVE video lectures for Saxon Algebra 2 say "2nd AND 3rd edition"

The difference between the second and third editions of Saxon Algebra 2 is that the third edition has lesson reference numbers next to each problem set question that tells which lesson that concept was taught, making relearning missed or forgotten concepts quick and easy. This is the reason why we recommend the 3rd edition instead of the 2nd edition. See update below:

Because the PSAT & SAT have been redesigned, Saxon Math (written 30+ years ago) no longer teaches all the concepts on these exams. So, Dr. Shormann, author of DIVE for Saxon Math, has published a new series called Shormann Interactive Math that is based on John Saxon’s original teaching methods, but is updated with 21st Century topics and teaches all the concepts required to excel on the new PSAT and SAT as well as the ACT, CLEP, and AP exams.

With daily video lessons, interactive assignments, automated grading, Video solutions, and Q&A Support, these courses teach technology applications, computer math, real-world word problems, and non-standard solutions not taught in Saxon Math. Learn More: SHORMANN ALGEBRA 2 with Integrated Geometry

Why Use Shormann Interactive Math Instead of Saxon?

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