DIVE Science and Ontario Course Equivalence

Ontario Courses
General science grade 9 (1 semester)
General science grade 10 (1 semester)
Biology, chemistry and physics (1 semester each) grade 11
Biology, chemistry and physics (1 semester each) grade 12

Since our courses are not broken up like Ontario’s, we don’t have a year by year equivalence. However, completing DIVE ICP, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics will meet and exceed all the Ontario requirements for science. See the testimonial from a former student below.

Dear Dr. Shormann,

Just thought I would let you know that Linnea has finished her first year at McMaster University. We would like to thank you for your help and caring while we went through the difficulties of her being accepted into the program and school. We would like to inform you that she finished on the Deans Honour list and was accepted into any of the four Honour programs of her choice. I believe we have proved the University wrong regarding the D.I.V.E. Math & Science program and homeschooling.

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