Request a Reading Syllabus for a Science Textbook Not Listed on the Teacher Guide

Thank you for contacting us! While we are happy to make a reading syllabus for new editions of textbooks we currently support, we do not offer reading syllabi for other textbooks. See the instructions below to request a syllabus for a new edition of a current textbook.

Discovering Design Series by Dr. Wile
DIVE Science courses teach specific topics required to meet college preparatory requirements. Unfortunately, the Discovering Design textbooks do not provide adequate reading for these topics. Therefore, we recommend our free Internet Textbook or another textbook listed on the Teacher Guide.

Request for a New Edition of a Supported Textbook

To request a reading syllabus for an updated edition of a current textbook, send an email to with scans or links for the following items:

  • Table of Contents
  • Picture of the textbook cover
  • Title page with title, edition, copyright, and the ISBN #

Dr. Shormann will review this information. If the new edition provides adequate reading material, a reading syllabus will be ready in 2-3 weeks.

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