Grades Changes for Science eLearning Courses

While the DIVE team will adjust grades and assignments upon request, grades should not be overemphasized. The grade book is simply a tool to help you quickly evaluate your student's progress and understanding. DIVE does not report your grades to anyone or keep long-term records of grades. Once the subscription expires, all the grades disappear. Many parents completely disregard the grade book. To calculate a final grade without using the grades in the grade book, simply average the 4 quarterly exam grades and add 20% for handwritten work.

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**For help with technical “glitches” while completing an assignment, see: eLearning Technical Support Solutions. These are easily solved by using the correct

Review Questions
The Review Questions are not a quiz. They are a learning activity, more like piano or baseball practice. Students should use their lecture notes and their terms and definitions (Quizlet) to answer the questions. The eLearning system only records the score the first time they are taken. However, they can and should be taken multiple times after that to study for the quarterly exams. The original score will not be affected. Since they are considered practice, Review Questions are only weighted at about 30% of the overall grade. Re-taking review questions to get a better score is not recommended. Instead, follow the on-screen instructions to efficiently relearn the missed questions. If you had technical issues during the Review Questions that affected your grade, and you are using the online grade book to track all grades, simply re-take it, and email the corrected grade using the Science Grade Change Change and Reset Request

Facts Quizzes
Facts Quizzes can be taken multiple times. Only the highest score is recorded. To change the grade for a Facts Quiz, simply repeat the quiz until the desired score is achieved. The new grade is automatically updated in the grade book.

Quarterly Exams
Each exam can be taken twice and the scores are averaged. You can request both one or both exam attempts to be re-set. Please allow one full business day for the reset to process after submitting your request here:
Science Grade Change Changes and Resets Request

Multiple Grade Changes
Instead of making multiple changes, you can also request a change to the final grade. (For example, you want to add 10 points to the final grade for handwritten work or give extra credit at the end of the course.) However, you can make these changes in your records. There is no need to change grades in the system as those will disappear when the course is completed.

Final Grades
If you would like to change your student's final grade for the course, please see "Calculating a Final Grade" in the Teacher Guide (posted on our website under Support in the upper right menu). It is not necessary to change the grade in the eLearning Grade Book as all the grades will disappear when your course expires.

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