DIVE Life Science

While we can't guarantee it, we are hoping to have a DIVE Life Science course (7th/8th Grade) available by mid to late of 2019 or 2020. Please check back mid August or use either Bob Jones Life Science (any edition), Answers In Genesis Human Body, or a similar course with these suggestions:

Skip the tests and redundant worksheets. Focus on the reading and hands-on activities that spark curiosity.
The most important concepts to focus on in this course are cell structure and function, genetics, and taxonomy.

There is no need to memorize these concepts as they will be taught again in biology. We simply want to expose your student to these abstract concepts in a concrete way. BJU has some great activities that do this like using a Punnet Square to make a Mr. Potato head. This will help build a schema or framework in their brain while sparking interest in the subject matter. BJU lab activities (and some worksheets) do a great job of this; however, the tests and some of the worksheets are overkill at this stage.

Students taking Pre-Algebra (including Saxon Math 8/7, 2nd or 3rd Edition), can take DIVE Earth Science instead of Life Science. Learn More: Recommended Sequence for Science Courses