Do the courses make any references to Mormonism?

Note: While we have many Mormon families who use our curriculum, Dr. Shormann is a member of a reformed non-denominational church. For more information on what he believes see: Meet the Teacher

Dr. Shormann does make one reference to Joseph Smith in Chemistry Lecture 32 as follows:

“Intermolecular forces hold molecules in a liquid together. Instability arises if energy is added to the liquid. If enough energy is added, the bonds can be broken and the liquid is converted to a gas. The body of Christ is also "held together" Colossians 2:16-19), not by intermolecular forces, but by the Truth of God's word. Truth never changes and therefore is stable, just like a liquid is more stable than its gaseous form. Instability can arise in the body of Christ when untruths are taught, such as the worship of angels, or visions of teachers that have no Scriptural support (example: Joseph Smith and the Mormon religion). If we follow these untruths our "bond" with Christ can be weakened and even broken.”

This is the only reference we make to Joseph Smith and the Mormon religion in any of our courses. The spirit that those words were written, was one of hope and a desire to search for truth.

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