My student completed the X modules of Apologia Chemistry. If we switch to DIVE Chemistry, can we skip some of the lessons?

AP Exams
Students who plan to take the AP Chemistry Exam should start with week 1 in DIVE Chemistry and complete all the assignments. See the Honors course and AP prep recommendations in the DIVE Teacher's Guide

Student Completed Modules 1-3
If your student did well in the first three modules of Apologia, the first two weeks of assignments in DIVE Chemistry can be skipped. This article has some great information: How do I use DIVE Science with Apologia?

Student Completed Modules 1- 8
Start with Week 5 and complete all assignments except, you can skip all the DIVE reading assignments that were read in Apologia.

Earn College Credit
After completing DIVE Chemistry, use our CLEP Professor for CLEP & AP Chemistry to specifically prepare for these exams which can earn up to 8 college credits.

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