My student failed Review Questions.

Keep in mind, the Review Questions are LEARNING activities. We are not testing their knowledge at this point. Because they are learning activities, the Review Question grades are a small percentage of the overall grade. Therefore, retaking Review Questions to improve the score is not recommended.

However, you should make sure the student adds the information for all missed questions to their notes as they will use their notes to study for and/or take the exam.. If your student scores less than an 80 on a Review Questions assignment, make sure they are taking good lecture notes and that they are using their notes to answer the questions. You may also want to re-watch the Getting Started video to ensure they student is competing assignments correctly.

If, after viewing the answers or video solutions, the student does not understand, they should contact Dr. Shormann using the Ask Dr. Shormann form linked on the Course Home page in the eLearning system. (CD/Download users: Use this Form Ask a Science Question)

To learn more about grades and how to complete these activities, see Grading in the Teacher's Guide for your course.

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