Which textbooks are recommended for DIVE Biology?

Except for Physics, all DIVE Science courses include an Internet Textbook, with the reading assignment for each lesson. If you prefer to read from a physical textbook, Dr. Shormann has made a chart (reading syllabus) for about 10 textbooks he recommends with the pages to read for each lesson. The physical textbook is only used to complete the weekly reading assignments. All other assignments (definitions, video lectures, review questions, quizzes, video labs, and exams) are completed in the DIVE self-paced course.

The available reading syllabi and recommendations are listed at the end of the Teacher Guide for each course. To view them, select your course on this page: Teacher Guides for DIVE Science.

A list of all the reading supplements, including the Internet Textbook, recommended textbooks, and the reading assignments for each textbook, is posted on the Teacher Guide. Select one below.

DIVE Biology is available as a Download or eLearning course. The eLearning format is recommended. Learn More

How do I use DIVE Science with Apologia?

What do I need to purchase for DIVE Biology?

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