The LIVE Class is currently full. What are my options?

While the LIVE Online class is currently full, a student may drop between now and August 1. Instead of a waiting list, we keep a contact list. When a spot opens in a class, we send an email to everyone on the contact list. To join our contact list, please send an email to All class openings will also be posted on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. To receive notification of an opening, follow us here: DIVE Facebook or DIVE Instagram.

LIVE Class Alternative: Self-Paced Courses

Our Shormann Math eLearning courses are very similar to our LIVE Online Classes. They are an excellent alternative for students who aren't able to join our Live Class. Learn More: LIVE Class vs Self-Paced

To purchase a self-paced eLearning course, please see Shormann Math

If I purchase the Self-Paced course and a spot opens in the LIVE Class, can I exchange it?

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Apr 12, 2023

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