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IMPORTANT: If you have a co-op or homeschool class, please see Shormann Math for Co-Ops

There are several ways to use Shormann Interactive Math in a school.

  • The most effective, efficient way for the student to learn, is to use the eLearning course. Unlike a live teacher, the video lecture can be paused and fast-forwarded, allowing students to learn at their own pace. The interactive homework features help links to quickly re-learn forgotten concepts and the instant feedback keeps students engaged. The video solutions, which can't be accessed until the assignment is completed and the grade is recorded in the online grade book, make correcting missed problems easier which is critical to developing long-term retention and fluency. Since the eLearning course provides instruction and grading, the teacher's primary responsibility is to supervise and make sure students follow the course instructions. Even small private schools that do not have a trained math teacher can give their students an excellent, college preparatory math education.
  • Shormann Math can also be completed offline by using the eTextbook and eSolutions Manual. Students watch the video lectures in the eLearning system but use the eTextbook to complete homework on paper. Homework answers can either be entered into the system or the teacher can grade them using the Solutions Manuals. If preferred, the teacher can watch the video lectures then teach the lesson to the students. How to Use Shormann Math Offline
  • Any mixture of these two methods can also be used. For example, some teachers allow students to use the eLearning system but require students to solve all the homework questions for the lesson on paper. Then, after the teacher looks at their work, the student can enter their answers in the eLearning system. Some teach the lesson, then allow the students to complete homework in the eLearning system. Feel free to modify the course to fit your needs.

Pricing: Site Licenses for Schools


  • Student License: $49 per student for a 12 month eLearning subscription.
  • **Teacher License: **$49 per teacher for a 12-month subscription to a teacher account.


  • Student License: $69 per student for a 12-month subscription.
  • **Teacher License: **$69 per teacher for a 12-month subscription.
Three Semester Site Licenses for Schools: (For schools using Shormann Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 for three semesters each.)
10 Or More Student Licenses:
  • Student License: $75 per student for an 18-month subscription.
  • **Teacher License: $75 per teacher for an 18-month subscription.
Less than 10 Student Licenses:
  • Student License: $105 per student for an 18-month subscription.
  • **Teacher License: $105 per teacher for an 18-month subscription.

Extensions for Student Licenses may be purchased before the licenses expire. The cost is $20 for 120 days.

No additional discounts are available for schools which only use the textbooks.


  • eLearning Courses: contains all the components needed to complete the course including the printable eTextbook, as well as the video lectures, homework, quizzes, exams, and online grade book. All course components are licensed for use by one student for 12 months. Site licenses do not include Sibling Subscription privileges.
  • Teacher License: Allows the teacher to log in to the eLearning course, view the grade book for all of their students, change grades, and reset assignments. It also provides access to the complete eLearning course, eSolutions Manual, and Teacher Guides.

How to Purchase Site Licenses

1. Send the following information to

  • School Name
  • EIN
  • Address
  • Contact Name & Number
  • Website
  1. Create a DIVE Account.

Please allow 4-5 business days to verify and set up your account. Upon approval, an email with purchase instructions is sent.

Schools: How to Use a CLEP Professor Course in a Classroom

Can I Purchase Only the Shormannn Math Books
The Shormann Math books can not be purchased separately. They are included in the eLearning course. For details, see Site Licenses above.

Placement Tests
To access placement tests and information, see Placement for Shormann Math.

Teacher's Guide
With detailed instructions and scope & sequence, the Teacher's Guide for each course is posted on our website here: Teacher Guides for Shormann Math

Sample Lessons

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