When will my eLearning course subscription expire?

**Subscriptions start the day they are purchased. See the subscription length for each course type below:*

  • DIVE Science: 12-month subscription
  • Shormann Prealgebra: 12-month subscription
  • Shormann Algebra 1 - Calculus: 24-month subscription

To view your exact expiration date, view the login email or follow these steps to view the enrollment countdown timer on the Course Home page of each course:

1. Log in to your student's account at https://diveonline.educadium.com/ and select the course.

2. You will see the Enrollment timer. The enrollment timer will show you the years or months left until your enrollment expires.

IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED AN EXTENSION FOR YOUR COURSE,  See: When will my extension expire?

3. If more time is needed, you can extend the subscription:

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