Dyslexic Students & Shormannn Math

We have had dyslexic students take Shormann Math and do well. The video lectures, interactive assignments with instant feedback and help links to the video lecture that teaches that question, and the digital flashcards that read the terms and definitions aloud, seem to be a big help for these students.

Since these students have trouble spelling and reading the problem correctly, instead of using the grade in the online grade book, you may want to manually calculate a grade (average the quarterly exam grades and add points for daily work). This way, if there is a misspelled answer or if he read the question wrong, you don't need to request a grade change for every Practice Set. See page 22 of Shormann Algebra 1 Teacher's Guide for details.

While these students should do well using the eLearning system, you can use the course more like Saxon by using the eTextbook that you can download and print or view on a computer, and solutions manual with step by step solutions for every homework problem. Learn More: How to Use Shormann Math Offline

Important Note About Pre-Algebra
It is even more important for these students to fully master Pre-Algebra (or Saxon 8/7 including the Facts Drills), before starting Shormann Algebra 1. If your student has not successfully completed a Pre-Algebra course, struggled, or is a reluctant math student, read the information on page 9 of the DIVE Teacher's Guide for Saxon 8/7 3rd edition.

May 16, 2023

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