How to Use Shormann Math Offline

While the eLearning system is the most efficient way to complete assignments, they can be completed offline on paper or as a hybrid of online/offline. For details, see “ How to complete lessons offline” below.

Components Available to Download and/or Print

  • Teacher's Guide
  • Rules & Definitions Digital Flashcards (Quizlet)
  • Video Lectures
  • eTextbook with Reading Assignment, Lesson, and Practice Sets (daily homework questions)
  • eSolutions Manual with step-by-step solutions to every Practice Set question
  • Quizzes & Exams (Save or print from course)
  • Results Pages (answers)

How to Access Offline Materials
After purchasing the course, send an email requesting Offline Files to A tech will email a link to the downloadable files.

How to Complete Lessons Offline
See the Student Instructions for Offline Assignments

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Jan 30, 2023

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