How to Use Shormann Math Off-line

We don’t recommend completing Shormann Math assignments offline because it takes much longer than doing the assignments online. The eLearning platform has integrated tools, like instant feedback, Help Links, and video solutions that make learning much more efficient. These tools make learning faster and easier which develops fluency (speed and accuracy) which makes learning new concepts faster and easier! For details, see “eLearning Tools” below.

Slow Internet Speed?

High-speed internet is not required. The course will work even on a dial-up connection. Regardless of your internet speed, we recommend following the Computer & Device Setup instructions, then at least try to use the eLearning system. If you have trouble, contact

Concerned About Guessing?

While there are some multiple-choice and some fill-in-the-blank questions, there is no need to worry about guessing if you follow the course instructions and check their handwritten work daily to ensure they solve each problem on paper BEFORE selecting an answer. There are several other ways to ensure the student is not guessing or cheating that are explained in the “How to Monitor Student Progress” video posted on the Course Home page in the eLearning course.

Video Lessons

While the video lessons can be downloaded and viewed offline, they stream and the file size is small so they will even play on dial-up connection. To download a video lesson, login to the student’s Educadium account, and navigate to the video lesson. Right-click the video and select “Download”.

Practice Sets (Daily Homework)

While it is not the most efficient way, these interactive assignments can be completed offline using the PDF of the textbook (linked in the eLearning course). If possible, after solving all the problems on paper, students should still enter their answers in the eLearning system for grading so they can use the “Help Links” and other tools. This hybrid solution will still take longer than completing the lesson as recommended in the eLearning platform, but it is better than doing it completely offline. For detailed instructions, see: How to Complete Practice Sets Offline (Hybrid Version)

Quizzes & Exams

The quizzes are only 4 questions and take about 10 minutes to complete. Also, there are only 4 exams, which take about one hour each. They should be taken under parental supervision and require very little internet speed. They are routinely updated to prevent cheating. Therefore, quizzes and exams must be taken in the eLearning course.

How do eLearning Tools make learning faster and easier?

When students enter an incorrect answer or don’t know how to solve a problem, a very important investigative process begins. Students click the first Help link to see a similar example problem and/or they click the second Help link to watch a video of a similar example problem. This almost always enables the student to solve the problem. If not, they use the Lesson Reference Chart, linked under the video lesson, which takes them to previous lessons in that course or the previous course with more detailed instructions.

If they are still unable to get the correct answer, then they should move on and finish the rest of the lesson. When the lesson is submitted, they watch the video of the solutions so they can learn how to do the problem for future lessons.

We do not recommend that parents "guide" their students to the right answers. The investigation process is very important in helping them to learn and remember these concepts, and this process can only be done in the eLearning course.

The video solutions, which can only be seen after the assignment has been submitted and the grade is recorded, are used to quickly relearn and correct missed problems. Together these tools make learning math faster and easier by developing fluency (speed and accuracy).

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us: Product Specialist

Jul 25, 2023

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