How to Use Shormann Math Offline

While the eLearning system is the most efficient way to complete assignments, the reading, video lectures, and practice sets (homework) can be completed offline and graded using the eSolutions Manual.

To prevent cheating, questions on the Quizzes, Practice Tests, and Exams are periodically updated. While these assignments can be saved or printed from the eLearning system and completed offline, we do not have a printable PDF or Solutions Manual for quizzes and exams. However, since the weekly quiz is four questions (average 10 minutes) and there are only four quarterly exams, most students can complete these assignments online. If not, save or print the assignment from the eLearning system. After completing the assignment offline, enter the answers in the eLearning system for grading. How to Save or Print Assignments

Components Available to Download and/or Print
* Teacher's Guide
* Rules & Definitions Digital Flashcards (Quizlet)
* Video Lectures
* eTextbook with Reading Assignment, Lesson, and Practice Sets (daily homework questions)
* eSolutions Manual with step-by-step solutions to every Practice Set question
* Quizzes & Exams (Save or print from course)

How to Access Offline Materials
After purchasing the course, send an email requesting Offline Files to A tech will email a link to the downloadable files.

How to Complete Lessons Offline
See the Student Instructions for Offline Assignments

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