My student is struggling with the CLEP questions.

The CLEP, SAT, and ACT questions expose students to the types of questions they will face on one of these college tests. They are designed to be challenging and to cause them to think "outside the box" to arrive at the answer. However, as we stated in the teacher's guide "the parents control the grading. We respect the parent's right to direct their child's education. Please feel free to modify the course and grading as needed." Personally, I would encourage him to try the problems and then to look at the solutions after the lesson is submitted and follow the steps under Corrections on the Instruction Sheet for Practice Sets to solve the problem correctly on paper. It is possible that as he learns from the solutions, he may be able to do these types of problems going forward.

Also, remind him the Practice Sets are a learning activity, like baseball practice. He is expected to make some mistakes, then re-learn by following the Corrections steps on the Instruction Sheet for Practice Sets. Because they are only practice, the Practice Sets are a small percentage of the overall grade. He should focus on learning, not his grade. Then he will do better on the quizzes and exams, which are the most heavily weighted in the overall grade.

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