Saxon vs Shormann Math

Featuring an integrated approach to math that includes technology applications and real-world word problems, Shormann Math is a 21st Century curriculum that teaches all the required concepts for the new, redesigned PSAT and SAT, as well as ACT and CLEP exams. Shormann Math is built on a biblical and historical foundation that teaches math as the language of science; a tool used to better understand God and His creation.

An emphasis on math history gives students a clearer picture of the "why" behind the math they are learning, while shedding light on modern math's rich Christian heritage. Hosted in a state of the art eLearning Campus similar to the systems used in college math classes, students learn more efficiently, building fluency with less homework than traditional Saxon texts. Students learn how to use math as a tool to explore their world and enhance their own God-given creativity. Learn more in the articles below.

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Feature Comparison Chart of Shormann vs Saxon Math

Scope and Sequence Comparison: Saxon vs Shormann Math

May 17, 2023

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