My student has completed Apologia Physical Science and Biology but will only be taking Algebra 1 (or lower).

Because it requires the student to be taking Algebra 2 or higher, these students cannot take DIVE Chemistry. Please see the recommended options below:

Option 1: Most colleges only require 3 sciences for non-science majors. If your student is behind in math, take a break from science and use the extra time to catch up on math.Then, start DIVE Chemistry when the student starts Algebra 2.

Option 2: Take DIVE Earth Science as a standard high school course. Most colleges view Earth Science as a distinguished science course. Originally designed as a middle school course, DIVE Earth Science is easily modified to earn high school credit. However, it is not as rigorous as Integrated Chemistry & Physics, providing some extra time to work on math.   Learn More:  How to use DIVE Earth Science as a high school course?

Option 3: Because it is a preparatory course for upper level science courses, if Biology, Chemistry, or Physics have been completed, most colleges will not accept this course on a high school transcript. However, if your student is not college bound or will not apply directly to a four year college, DIVE Integrated Chemistry & Physics is a good choice.

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