Transfer Homeschool Credits to a Public or Private School

Can DIVE make a transcript with the classes my student took?
Our courses are not traditional online classes with an outside teacher who is making sure it is the student doing the work, proctoring exams, etc. Since the parent supervises the student, can change grades and reset assignments, and assigns the final grade, the parent is the primary teacher who is also responsible for making the transcript with all the credits earned while homeschooling. We have a sample transcript you can download and use here: High School Transcripts Please note, most public and private schools will not accept credits earned while homeschooling. However, if your student completed Saxon or Shormann Algebra 2, they may be able to use our three week prep course to take the CLEP College Algebra exam. Since most colleges award 3 credits for a passing score (usually a 50) on a this exam, many high schools will accept it as proof of completion of Algebra 1 and 2. Learn More about CLEP

Do you write recommendation letters for students transferring to public or private school?
Dr. Shormann can only provide letters of recommendation for students in his Live Classes who are doing well in the class and do well on a PSAT, SAT, or ACT exam. However, students who complete Shormann Algebra 2 can use the included CLEP prep course (2-3 weeks) and take the CLEP College Algebra exam. Since many colleges award credit for a passing score (usually a 50), many high schools will award high school credit.

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