How to prepare for Shormann Math courses

Did the student earn an 80+ in the previous math course?

  • No: See Struggled in Previous Math Course (link)
  • Yes: Follow the steps below

How to prepare for Shormann Math:

  • Review the Rules and Definitions from the previous course.
  • If needed, do the Fraction/Decimal/Percent Conversion Drills
  • Start working on the Rules & Definitions of the new course using the Quizlet Digital Flashcards.
    • Shormann Algebra 1
    • Shormann Algebra 2
    • Shormann Precalculus
    • Shormann Calculus
  • If Shormann Math was used for the last course, retake the Quizzes from the last quarter.
  • If not, re-take the last 5 tests in the previous course.

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