Does Shormann Math prepare students for the Florida Standards Assessments?

Standardized tests are highly variable in content. In Shormann Algebra 1 and 2, I focus on SAT, ACT, CLEP College Algebra, and College Math. While Shormann Math teaches most of the concepts on this exam, the way they ask questions is often confusing and/or different. My first thought about the test was "wow, no wonder so many students dislike math!" However, a student who successfully completes Shormann Algebra 1 and 2 and spends a few weeks studying as instructed below, can easily pass this exam.

If there is no requirement to take this exam, skip it, and focus instead on things that matter for college, like the ACT and SAT, AP, and CLEP exams. If it is required, follow these steps:

1.Complete Shormann Algebra 1 & 2.
2.Complete a current practice book like REA's. These can be purchased at Barnes and Nobles and other online retailers.
3.Take 5-10 Florida Computer-based practice tests.
4.Use the Ask Dr. Shormann contact form to ask questions. Before contacting him, complete the practice test and view the answer key. Do not stop in the middle of a practice test to contact Dr. Shormann.

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