Schools: How to use a CLEP Professor course in a classroom.

CLEP Professor courses purchased from our website are licensed for use by the original purchaser and their
immediate family. If using the course in a school, purchase a site license for each student by sending an email to with the school name, contact info, number of students, and the course title.

We have found it is far more efficient to first complete the high school course, then take the CLEP Professor course. DIVE and Shormann Math courses are setup on a 30 - 32 week schedule, leaving 4 weeks or so to complete the CLEP Professor course. These last four weeks could be optional, allowing students who do not plan to take a CLEP or AP exam to end at 32 weeks or do a different short course like consumer math. If you have a student who plans to take an AP exam, please see this article: Advanced Placement Exams

CLEP Professor Site License: $19.99 per studentĀ for a 12-month subscription.


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