CLEP Professor Product Questions

  • Advanced Placement Exams

    For detailed information on AP Exams, like requirements, how to register, how to prepare, and more, please see this article: Advanced Placement FAQS
  • Can I use CLEP Professor College Algebra to prepare for the SAT or ACT?

    CLEP Professor College Algebra provides a good review of algebra concepts not taught in other math curricula. However, while the SAT and ACT test algebra and geometry skills, College Algebra does not include geometry. The best prep is to take our Shormann Algebra 2 with Integrated Geometry With o...
  • CLEP Exams: How long does it take to complete the CLEP Professor course?

    CLEP Exams CLEP Professor courses bridge the gap between the high school course and the corresponding CLEP exam. Because DIVE Math, DIVE Science, and Shormann Math courses lay a solid foundation for these exams, it takes less time to complete the CLEP Professor course. DIVE Science, DIVE Math,...
  • CLEP for College Math

    If your student successfully completed good college preparatory Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 courses (like Shormann Math) use our CLEP PROFESSOR COLLEGE ALGEBRA to prepare for the CLEP College Math exam. Simply follow the instructions for preparing for the college algebra exam, then do 3-5 practice te...
  • CLEP Natural Sciences Exam

    While we don't have a CLEP Professor course for the CLEP Natural Sciences Exam, Dr. Shormann recommends the following: Complete DIVE ICP and DIVE Biology Complete the CLEP Professor Biology course (follow instructions for the CLEP exam, not the AP exam) Take several practice exams from a CLEP Na...
  • Co-ops: CLEP and AP Prep

    The CLEP Professor course is licensed for use by the original purchasers and their immediate family. If you would like to teach the CLEP Professor course in a co-op class, the teacher and each family should purchase a copy of the CLEP Professor Course. We have found it is far more efficient to f...
  • Does CLEP Professor Biology teach evolution related question?

    Yes, it teaches every concept on the CLEP and AP Biology exam, including evolution. However, Dr. Shormann teaches it from a biblical perspective. Learn More: CLEP Professor Biology
  • FAQs: CLEP and AP Exams

    CLEP and AP exams, administered by the College Board, not only earn college credit, they also validate your high school transcript and demonstrate your ability to complete college-level work. A passing score on these exams can boost applications in the college admissions and scholarship selection...
  • I have a DIVE CD, How can I access my CLEP Professor Course?

    After we verify your purchase, we will email a link to download the CLEP course. You only need the internet to download the course, then you can access it offline. Email a copy of your receipt to Please allow 2 business days to verify purchase and email the download link.
  • I'm a parent going back to college and need to refresh my Calculus skills. What do you recommend?

    To refresh your Calculus 1 skills, you could use our CLEP Professor Calculus which is a 3-6 week course that prepares students for the CLEP & AP Calculus AB Exam. If you think you need a more in-depth review, use our Shormann Calculus Self-Paced eLearning Course. This is a 30 week course that...
  • Is CLEP Professor included with my course?

    The CLEP Professor is included in the following courses below. To request a copy, send an email to CLEP Professor is included in the following titles: Shormann Algebra 2 with Integrated Geometry Self-Paced eLearning Course Shormann Precalculus with Trigonometry Self-Pac...
  • Is College Algebra a requirement at all colleges?

    College Algebra is not a requirement at all colleges. The course requirements are based on the selected major or degree plan. While earning college credit is important, a passing score on the CLEP College Algebra exam has other benefits, too! Ensures placement in College Algebra or higher. This ...
  • Is there alternative testing for CLEP and AP exams due to Covid-19?

    We are not aware of any alternative testing. The best thing would be to contact your local community college or university testing center.
  • My student completed Apologia Biology or Chemistry (without DIVE Science). Can the CLEP Professor course be used to prepare for the CLEP exam?

    Apologia breaks Biology and Chemistry into two courses each. For Biology, there is a standard/introductory Biology course called Biology and an Advanced Biology course, called Human Body. For Chemistry, there is a standard/introductory course called Chemistry and another course called Advanced Ch...
  • My student used a different math or science curriculum, can he use CLEP Professor to take the CLEP exam?

    If your student used a good college preparatory course, they can use our CLEP Professor courses to prepare for the CLEP exams. Learn More: CLEP Exams: How long does it take to complete the CLEP Professor course?
  • Schools: How to use a CLEP Professor course in a classroom.

    CLEP Professor courses purchased from our website are licensed for use by the original purchaser and their immediate family. If using the course in a school, purchase a site license for each student by sending an email to with the school name, contact info, number of stud...
  • The first two lessons in CLEP Professor Biology are about chemistry. Is that correct?

    The first two lessons of CLEP Professor Biology should be about chemistry. That's because all biological processes in biology are driven by chemical reactions. So to learn biology, you must first learn basic chemistry.
  • When can I take the CLEP exam?

    Please see the chart on the page linked below that shows which courses must be completed before taking the corresponding CLEP or AP exam. CLEP Professor