What should a student take after Saxon Math 8/7 or Saxon Course 2?

Did your student complete Saxon 8/7 (2nd or 3rd edition) or Saxon Course 2 with a test average of 80+ on the last 5 tests and the Facts Practice Tests?

No:  Follow the steps on the last page of the DIVE Teacher Guide then take Shormann Algebra 1 with Integrated Geometry.

Yes: Take Shormann Algebra 1 with Integrated Geometry. Unlike Saxon, Shormann Algebra 1 & 2 teach all the concepts required to excel on the redesigned PSAT and SAT, and the ACT, while retaining the original John Saxon teaching methods of incremental development, continual review, and integrated geometry. Learn More: Why do you recommend Shormann instead of Saxon Math

Will Shormann Algebra 1 be too hard for my student?

If your student successfully completed Saxon 87 (including the Facts drills), it should not be too hard.  However, here ere are some options to consider:

  • Modify the intensity  of the course by using our Timed Method which allows students to learn  at their own pace.  Because it earns 1 credit of Algebra 1 and 1/2 credit of geometry, Shormann Algebra 1 can be taken over 3 semesters.  This gives extra time as needed to grasp a concept or go back and relearn forgotten concepts, without overwhelming or frustrating the student. Watch: How to Monitor Student Progress
  • If you have a reluctant or struggling math student, they can take Shormann Pre-Algebra. This will develop fluency and build confidence in the essential skills required to to succeed in Algebra 1.
  • Retake the last 30 lessons of Saxon 87.

Which science course do you recommend?
If your student takes Algebra 1, Dr. Shormann recommends DIVE Integrated Physics and Chemistry Self-Paced eCourse featuring video lessons, interactive assignments with auto-grading and grade recording, video solutions, and Q&A support. Learn More: Why should I take ICP before Biology?

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My student did not successfully complete Math 8/7. Should he/she take Algebra ½ next?

What’s the difference between Math 8/7 and Algebra ½?

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