If Pre-Algebra is taken in 6th grade, what is taken in 12th grade?

Since Shormann Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 each earn 1 1/2 credits (1 Algebra and 1/2 Geometry) students can take up to three semesters to complete each one. When broken up like this, the credits can be listed on your transcript as Integrated Math 1, 2, and 3. Learn More: Three Semester Schedule

Course Sequence

  • 7th: First 2/3 of Shormann Algebra 1. (1 credit of Integrated Math 1)
  • 8th: Last 1/3 of Shormann Algebra 1 and the first 1/3 of Shormann Algebra 2. (1 credit of Integrated Math 2)
  • 9th: Last 2/3 of Shormann Algebra 2 (1 credit of Integrated Math 3)
  • 10th: Shormann Precalculus with Trigonometry
  • 11th: Shormann Calculus 1 or Saxon Calculus 1&2 (See Which Calculus course do you recommend?)
  • 12th: Calculus 2, AP Physics C, Differential Equations, or Statistics

This sequence allows strong math students to take the AP Calculus BC exam in 11th grade.  A passing score on this exam is the number 1 indicator of college success. Passing this exam in 11th grade (as opposed to 12th grade), allows students to submit scores with college admissions and scholarship applications. A passing score on an AP Calculus exam will significantly boost his application in the selection process. Learn More: Advanced Placement Exams

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