If my student completed Geometry, can he skip the geometry lessons in Shormann Algebra 2?

To ensure the student develops fluency (speed and accuracy) in the concepts required to learn all the lessons in the course and prepare for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, Dr. Shormann recommends all students start with Lesson 1 and complete all lessons as instructed. While there may be some review, most of the content will be new or practice of the concept is needed. Unlike most Geometry courses, Shormann Algebra 2 teaches all the concepts on the ACT as well as the redesigned PSAT, and SAT.

To do well on these timed college entrance exams, “knowing” how to solve a problem is not enough. You must be able to solve these problems quickly and accurately. Think of a baseball pitcher who spends countless hours throwing the same pitch over and over until he finally achieves fluency and can throw the pitch quickly and accurately every time. Learn More: Fluency & Frustration Free Learning

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