SAXON MATH 8/7 is too easy for my student.

Saxon Math 8/7 does have a lot of review of foundational math skills. However, this review is required to develop fluency (accuracy and speed) in the skills needed to excel in Algebra 1. Learn More

If you think your student may be ready for Algebra 1, give the student the Facts Practice Test L and Test 23  in the Saxon 87 Tests & Worksheets booklet. If the student scores an 80% or higher, in one hour or less, skip to Shormann Algebra 1.

If the student doesn’t pass the placement test, continue with Saxon 8/7, but use the “Skip Review Lessons” posted at the bottom of Page 3 of the Saxon 8/7 Teacher Guide then, complete this course normally.

After Saxon 8/7, take Shormann Algebra 1 with Integrated Geometry. Dr. Shormann does not recommend Saxon Algebra 1/2. Learn More

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May 17, 2023

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