Which edition of Saxon Math 8/7 is recommended?

Dr. Shormann now recommends Shormann Prealgebra self-paced eLearning course which features daily video lessons, interactive assignments with auto-grading and grade recording, video solutions and Q&A support with Dr. Shormann. It is based on John Saxon's original teaching methods but updated with 21st century topics. Learn More: Shormann Prealgebra

If you use Saxon 8/7, we recommend Math 8/7, 3rd Edition. This edition of the Saxon Homeschool Kit features a lesson reference number next to each question to quickly re-learn forgotten concepts, larger developmentally appropriate sized text, as well as a solution manual with step-by-step solutions.

If you have the 2nd Edition all the required Saxon Math 8/7 books (textbook, answer key, solutions manual, tests, and worksheets), and the 2nd Edition of DIVE Math 8/7 it is acceptable to use. If you are missing any of the above, it is usually better to sell the 2nd edition books you have and purchase DIVE and Saxon Math 8/7, 3rd Edition.

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