What should I take after Right Start Level F?

Right Start Level F is a 5th-grade curriculum

  • Good/Average Math Student: Dr. Shormann recommends DIVE + Saxon 7/6 4th Edition followed by Shormann Prealgebra.
  • Struggling/Reluctant Math Student: While Dr. Shormann's standard recommendation is DIVE + Saxon 7/6 4th Edition, you may want to back up one level to DIVE + Saxon 6/5, Third Edition. This gives the student the opportunity to develop a better understanding and build fluency (speed and accuracy) which makes learning math faster and easier.
  • Gifted Math Student: Right Start's sequence is to complete Part 1 of Level G before taking Pre-Algebra. If your child has not completed it but thinks your child may be ready for Pre-Algebra take the test titled, "Math 8/7" on page 6. If your student scores an 80 or higher and has memorized multiplication facts to 9, he is ready for Shormann PrealgebraPlacement Test.
May 19, 2023

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