What should I take after Saxon Advanced Math?

Student Completed Saxon Advanced Math, 2nd Edition

  • Good Math Student with Test Average of 80% or Higher on 1 hour Timed Tests

These students should be ready for Shormann Calculus. There is a small gap between Saxon Advanced Math and Shormann Calculus. However, these concepts can be learned in the review section (first 25 lessons). Since some of these review lessons may not be review to your student. Use the self-paced timed method described in the Teacher Guide (pages 3-6) to ensure the student has the additional time required to learn these concepts without becoming overwhelmed or frustrated.

  • Scored less than 80% or Struggled, Reluctant, etc

Learning Calculus requires fluency in Precalculus skills. If your student struggled in Advanced Math, there are two options:

  1. Repeat the Problem Sets and Tests for the last 20 lessons of Advanced Math. If an 80% or higher is earned on the last test, the student is ready for Shormann Precalculus.
  2. Take Shormann Precalculus. While there will be some review, this course teaches many concepts not taught in Saxon Advanced Math. It includes review of concepts required to excel on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, and prepares students for the CLEP Precalculus exam which earns 3 college credits. If you think your student may be ready, give this Placement Test. Students who pass it are ready for Shormann Precalculus.

If I take Shormann Precalculus, can I skip some of the lessons?
Shormann Precalculus teaches 1 credit of precalculus, 1/2 credit of geometry, technology applications, computer math, basic calculus, non-standard solution concepts, some trigonometry, and over 100 practice problems from the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. Therefore, to master and develop fluency in these concepts, Dr. Shormann recommends starting with Lesson 1 and completing all assignments.

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