Everything You Want to Know About Easy Download and Stream DIVE Math on Your Device

CDs are easily lost and damaged. When computers and software are updated, which happens quite frequently, CDs can lose compatibility and stop working. However, we can quickly update the digital files in the Stream and Download format. CDs cannot be played on devices and Smart TVs.

The Stream & Download format can be streamed (like Netflix) on multiple devices and computers for use by all the children in your immediate family. It can also be downloaded and saved to a USB drive, burned to a CD, or stored on your computer or a portable hard drive. If you lose the digital format or accidentally delete it, simply download it again. Basically, we store and keep the digital format safe and available for use with all your children.

Internet access is only required for the initial download (you can even do it at Mcdonald's or the library) and for streaming. Streaming is the most convenient as it can be streamed anytime, anywhere on almost every device and TV.

Like the DIVE CD, the Download & Stream format cannot be sold, loaned, shared, or given away.

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