My student is required to take Saxon Algebra 1/2.

Because Saxon 8/7 3rd Edition provides much better preparation for Algebra 1, Saxon Algebra 1/2 is not recommended. However, we realize some students may not have a choice. If your student must take Algebra 1/2, please see Dr. Shormann’s recommendations below:

  1. Do the Facts Practice Drills in the Saxon Math 8/7, 3rd Edition Tests & Worksheet booklet to develop and/or maintain fluency in the essential skills for Algebra 1.

  2. Use the DIVE Video Lectures to ensure understanding. Because the lesson in the text is only a summary, John Saxon recommended an experienced Saxon instructor to teach the full lesson, escpecially the missing reviewing of previous concepts, that make learning the new lesson easier.

  3. Use the third edition of Saxon Algebra 1/2. How Does DIVE make Saxon Math faster and easier to learn?

  4. Upon completion of Saxon Algebra 1/2 and the Saxon 8/7 Facts Drills, take Shormann Algebra 1 with Integrated Geometry. Featuring video lectures, interactive homework with instant feedback, automated grading, grade recording, video solutions, PSAT, SAT, and ACT prep, and Q&A support with Dr. Shormann, this 21st Century curriculum based on John Saxon’s teaching methods, makes learning more efficient and effective with fewer lessons and fewer homework problems. Learn More

Please note: If the co-op you are attending is Classical Conversations, your student is not usually required to take the math they have listed. Please contact your director to confirm.

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