Saxon Advanced Math vs Shormann Precalculus

Shormann Precalculus

Featuring Expert Video Instruction, Automated Grading, Video Solutions, and Q&A Email Support!

1 Precalculus Credit
1/2 Geometry Credit*
*Students who have completed Saxon Algebra 2 have earned 1/2 credit of geometry. All the geometry required to earn the
remaining 1/2 credit can be learned in the first 25 lessons of Precalculus.

Teaches Every Topic on the ACT and Redesigned PSAT & SAT
To better prepare students for college math and science courses as well as the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, we now recommend our new Shormann Interactive Precalculus instead of Saxon Advanced Math. Based on John Saxon’s teaching methods and a biblical foundation, Shormann Math teaches 21st Century concepts like computer math, technology applications, and non-standard solution concepts, that are not taught in Saxon Advanced Math.

Many students struggle in Saxon Advanced Math because, unlike the current editions of other Saxon texts, Saxon Advanced Math (both first and second edition) does not have the lesson reference numbers next to each homework problem indicating the lesson that concept was taught. This makes it much more difficult to relearn missed or forgotten concepts which makes it more difficult to build mastery and develop long-term retention.

Shormann Precalculus has 100 lessons with 20 homework problems each and Saxon has 125 with 30 problems each. Shormann features interactive homework this is automatically graded which provides instant feedback, embedded links to the video lecture that teaches that homework problem and a link to a similar example problem. After each homework set is completed and the graded are recorded in the online grade book, video solutions to every problem are displayed so you can quickly re-learn and correct missed problems.

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