Accelerated Schedule for Integrated Chemistry & Physics

Students who have taken Apologia Physical Science or another Physical science course can use the accelerated schedule below.

To use this schedule, students must be in ninth grade and completed the first half of Algebra 1.

Instead of following the schedule in the eLearning course. Have the student work for an hour or so 4-5 days per week. At the end of this time, stop and pick up where you left off the next day. If all the assignments for one week are finished on day 3, go ahead and start the next assignment. This will help the student progress a little faster through the lessons. These lessons can be completed in 8-10 weeks.

Weeks 1-15:

  • Read the definitions flashcards
  • Skim the reading assignment - if Apologia Physical Science was completed - skip all reading assignments
  • Watch the video lecture
  • Complete the Review Questions,
  • Watch the weekly video lab and complete the lab manual activity sheet.
  • Skip the Quarterly Exams

It is not necessary to memorize the material. We simply want to expose the student to these concepts to prepare for Biology, Chemistry, & Physics.


Is there a discounted rate for DIVE ICP?

I’m sorry, but we do not have a reduced rate. We hope to create a new course that has only the lessons and components needed for the accelerated course that we can discount. It may be ready by the fall.

Alternatively, You can use the DIVE ICP Internet Textbook (free) and complete the reading for the first 15 reading assignments not taught in Apologia Physical Science. The reading syllabus for Apologia Physical Science shows the DIVE ICP lessons not taught in Apologia. This is not as easy and efficient as using the full DIVE course but it is free!

Does completion of the accelerated schedule earn any High School science credits?

No. The accelerated schedule does not cover enough material for a High School science credit to be earned.