DIVE Earth Science vs Apologia General Science

DIVE Earth Science and Apologia General Science are two very different courses. Here are some of the key differences:

  • DIVE Earth Science (List of Topics) focuses on Earth & Space topics and Apologia General Science focuses on Life Science, with a little slice of Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Both teach from a Biblical, 6 day Creation perspective
  • Apologia is a set of books
  • DIVE Earth Science is a self-paced video based eLearning course with video lessons, video labs, interactive assignments, automated grading and grade recording, video solutions, and Q&A Support with Dr. Shormann.
  • DIVE Earth Science is very similar to taking a co-op class in the comfort of your home, except student learn at their own pace, and it's a fraction of the cost of a co-op or online class.
  • DIVE Earth Science is $63 vs Apologia General Science Advantage Set is $115 (While these prices can vary, Apologia is usually about $50 more than DIVE)
  • To learn more watch the Getting Started video here: DIVE Earth Science

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