How do I use DIVE Science with Apologia?

DIVE Makes Learning Apologia Faster & Easier!
Like a self-paced co-op class for your Apologia textbook, DIVE Science eLearning courses include expert video lectures, interactive homework with automated grading and grade recording, video solutions, video labs, quarterly exams, Q&A email support with Dr. Shormann, Teacher Guide, and an Internet Textbook with interactive graphics and animations. DIVE Science can be used as honors or standard high school course. Along with our CLEP and AP prep courses, DIVE Science teaches all the concepts required to prepare for CLEP and AP Exams (link), which can earn up to 24 college credits.

How do I use DIVE with Apologia?
The Apologia textbook is only used to complete the weekly reading assignment. The DIVE eLearning science course provides expert video instruction, interactive lesson reviews, quizzes and exams with automated grading, video solutions, and Q&A email support with Dr. Shormann. A reading syllabus with the exact page numbers to read each week in the Apologia textbook is included in the Teacher Guide (linked at the bottom of this article). Reading syllabi are available for all editions of Apologia Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry. Lesson Review Questions, Labs, Quizzes, and Exams are all completed in the DIVE course.

Does DIVE Science follow the same lesson sequence as Apologia?
The Apologia lesson sequence is different than DIVE. However, like college classes where this is a common practice, this does not cause any confusion because the teacher is providing the instruction in a sequential order in the video lectures.

DIVE Video Labs
While Apologia labs aim to provide low-cost labs that are safe to use at home, DIVE Science video labs prepare students for college preparatory labs by teaching them to use the equipment found in a college lab, like a gel electrophoresis machine, without having to purchase it. While simply watching the video lab and completing the DIVE Lab Manual is sufficient to award a lab science credit, an optional lab kit with equipment to complete about 18 of the DIVE labs is available. The remaining 8 labs require equipment or chemicals that is either too expensive or restricted).

Can I use the Apologia Lab Kit & Lab Manual?
While the Apologia lab kit does not include the same labs as the DIVE course, it can be used to provide a more economical hands-on experience. However, since the DIVE video lab has important information not included in Apologia, the student should first watch the DIVE video labs while filling out the DIVE lab manual. Then, use the Apologia lab kit and lab manual for the hands-on experience. Use the DIVE reading syllabus for your textbook to determine which labs to do each week.

Do I need to purchase the Apologia Advanced textbook?
For both DIVE Biology and DIVE Chemistry, there are about 6 weeks of material that is not taught in Apologia's main textbook. This information is in their advanced textbook . To complete these reading assignments, either purchase the advanced textbook or use the DIVE Internet Textbook (included with DIVE ICP, Biology, and Chemistry) to complete these reading assignments.

Can I use Apologia as the main curriculum and DIVE Science as a supplement?
While it is faster and easier to use DIVE as the main curriculum, DIVE Science can be used as a supplement to Apologia. Use the reading assignment to determine which DIVE lectures to watch for each Apologia module.

Earn Up to 24 College Credits
Along with our CLEP and AP prep course, DIVE Biology and DIVE Chemistry teach all the concepts required for the CLEP and AP topics. Apologia splits this material up over two books taken over two years. Therefore, there is material covered in DIVE that is not taught in Apologia Biology and Chemistry.

eLearning Format is Recommended
Featuring automated grading and grade recording, updated lessons, and built in assignment chart, our self-paced eLearning courses are the recommended format. However, DIVE Science courses are available in CD-ROM and Digital Download. Learn More: Which DIVE Science Format Should I Choose?

Teacher Guide & Course Instructions
The Teacher Guide for each course includes a scope and sequence, a list of topics covered, and a link to the reading syllabus that lists exactly which pages to read in your Apologia textbook each week. Learn More: Teacher Guides for DIVE Science

Mar 28, 2023

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