Lab Reports

Students using DIVE Science courses will become adept at working with the scientific method, will be familiar with the use of technology in science, and will develop their lab skills above and beyond most of their peers. Most importantly, students will have a better understanding and appreciation for the rich Christian heritage that exists in science, and will better understand the importance of studying His Word and His Works as they seek to become good rulers of Creation.

During the video lab, students work interactively in their Lab Workbook. They formulate a hypothesis, record data, make calculations, and write up their results. Next, the video solutions are used to grade and correct their work. DIVE Biology and Chemistry incorporate all the labs required by the College Board’s AP Biology program. Optional lab kits are available.

DIVE Science courses do not assign written lab reports. However, completing the lab activity sheets in the Lab Workbook teaches the structure and content of a lab report. Parents are welcome to assign lab reports. See the Grading section of the Teacher Guide for ways to incorporate the grade.

For detailed instructions on completing labs, view the Teacher Guide for your course.

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