Tracking, Order Fulfillment, & Shipping

  • Can you ship my Saxon books today?

    Saxon books usually ship the following business day and are delivered within 5-7 business days. If you would like to start your course before then, we have digital copies of everything you need to complete the first two weeks of assignments here: Sample Courses
  • I can't login to my eLearning course.

    I'm so sorry! Have you received an email with the subject eLearning Login Credentials which has your student's user name and password? Yes: Follow these steps: Select this link to the eLearning Campus: Log in using the user and password listed on the login cred...
  • I did not receive my download email.

    After purchase of a download product you will receive an email to access the download. Because the email contains a link, it may be in your Spam, Junk, or Updates folder. You can also do a search for DIVE Download. If you still don't see it, please select the link below to have it sent again. To...
  • I have not received my eLearning Login Credentials.

    To log in, follow the steps here: eCampus Login If you can't log in, there may be an issue with your student's email address: If you have more than one student enrolled in an eLearning course, they each must have a unique email address. The eLearning system will not add a student without an ema...
  • VHX: Wrong email address

    If you entered the wrong email address in your order, please send an email to with your name, order #, incorrect email address, and correct email address. While you are waiting, you can access the first two weeks of lectures at the link below: Sample Course