I have not received my eLearning Login Credentials.

Login credentials for eLearning courses require manual processing. Your login credentials should be received within 2 business days of purchase. If it has been more than two business days, please check your spam, junk, and updates folder. If you don't see them, click here to Request eLearning Login Credentials

If you have more than one student enrolled in an eLearning course, they each must have a unique email address. The eLearning system will not add a student without an email nor will it add a student with an email address used by a different student. If you did not list a unique email address for each student contact our eLearning tech team here: Request eLearning Login Credentials

If you have not received login email, you want to change your start date, update student email address, etc, click here: Request eLearning Login Credentials

Frequently Asked Questions about eLearning Course Subscriptions, Student Emails, and More

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