Extend a Science eLearning Subscription

How do I extend an eLearning Science course?
DIVE Science eLearning courses, and all included materials, are licensed for use by one student for a 12 month subscription period. If needed, the subscription can be extended at a discounted fee. Please understand that this fee covers the costs charged to us by the platforms used to host and manage the courses, as well as the cost to have a tech process your extension. As you can imagine, these costs often exceed the extension fee we charge. Purchase an Extension for an eLearning Science course

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don't need much time, can I get a shorter extension at no cost?
A. The system charges us per student. per 12 month period. It doesn't matter If we extend for 2 days or 12 months, we are charged the same fee. Purchase an Extension for an eLearning Science course

Q. I don't need to log in. I only need my grades.
A. The grades are not viewable unless the student is enrolled in the course. Therefore, you must purchase an extension to log in and view the grades. However, if you have an idea of your student's quarterly exam or quarterly review grades, you can easily calculate a grade by averaging the four grades then add 20-30% for daily work. Then you can print edit and print the Certificate here: Editable Certificate of Achievement.

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Siblings Subscriptions To renew the subscription for another student in your immediate family at a discounted rate: Purchase a Sibling Subscription

Mar 28, 2023

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