Help! I lost my CD.

Lost CD Policy
Customers who have lost a CD that was purchased from DIVE, or one of our authorized retailers within the past 12 months, are eligible to purchase a digital format of the same title and edition for $25.

If the CD was purchased used, borrowed, given to you, etc, it is not eligible for the Lost CD Policy.

If the CD was purchased from an authorized retailer (not directly from DIVE), a receipt from the retailer is required. If you can't find your receipt, see: How to Obtain a Receipt

**Purchase a Digital Replacement for a Lost CD **
Complete and submit this form: Lost CD Form

So your student can continue their course without interruption, we have the first 30 lessons here: Sample Lessons

If your student is beyond lesson 30 we can email the next 5 lectures (instructions below).

To Receive 5 Lectures by Email

  1. Send an email to
  2. List the CD title and edition.
  3. List the 5 lessons you would like emailed.


My CD was purchased more than 12 months ago. Can I purchase at the Lost CD discount?
We can only offer the Lost CD discount to customers who purchased within 12 months. We do not make exceptions to this policy.

I Can't find my Receipt
A receipt is required. We cannot waive this requirement. If you don't have your receipt, see this article: How to Obtain a Receipt

If I don't qualify for the Lost CD Policy. Can you email me 5 lectures?
Yes! We can email 5 lessons but if you purchase the Stream and Download products, an email is sent within 30 minutes with a link to access lectures. See detailed instructions here: Stream and Download

I purchased the CD used
I'm sure you were not aware of it, but all DIVE CDs are protected by a non-transferable End User License Agreement. This EULA grants permission to the original purchaser and their immediate family to view the content on the CD. It is illegal to sell or distribute (loan, share, or give away) the DIVE CD after opening. Please read this article for information on how to remedy this situation: FAQs End User License Agreement

Mar 28, 2023

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