Can I purchase only the Shormann Math books without the eLearning course?

Shormann Interactive Math courses are sold as a complete self-paced eLearning course which also includes an eTextbook with lessons and homework problems, eSolutions Manual, and eTeacher's Guide. While these books are printable, printing is not required. All course materials are licensed for use by one student for 24 months. After purchasing the course for the first student, it can then be renewed for each sibling in the household for $39.

While all the homework can be completed offline, the eLearning system provides a more efficient and effective platform for developing fluency. It also prepares students for college math classes where a similar eLearning system is normally used. We teach students how to use the eLearning system properly, making it easier to transition to college math classes. When using the eLearning system, it is not necessary to print or download the books.

If you are concerned that your student needs something to touch and feel, have no fear. The student will take daily lecture notes and and solve every homework, quiz, and exam problem on paper. They have plenty of opportunity to touch and feel math without printing the textbook.

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Mar 28, 2023

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